18 Hilarious Animal Reactions At Their Own Birthday Parties. This Is GREAT.

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Only humans seem to celebrate birthdays and most animals just can’t figure out why. Cake? Funny hats? Embarrassing people in front of entire crowds in restaurants? It all seems so silly to these pets. And they are JUST not having it on their birthdays.

1. This pug who fears, no, HATES his birthday cake.

2. This corgi who fears growing older and less cute (impossible).

3. This bulldog who just wanted a bigger cake, but is on a diet.

4. This golden retriever who gets SO embarrassed when you sing to her.

5. This husky who KNOWS you didn’t get him a cake.

6. This jack russell who just wishes you’d stop singing so he could eat.

7. This cat who hates being the center of attention.

8. This cat who doesn’t trust happiness or celebrations. Just scratching you when you rub his tummy.

9. This corgi who just wanted you to remember his birthday, for once.

10. This cat who is far too evil to enjoy birthdays.

11. This dog who doesn’t understand how to eat birthday treats.

12. This corgi who cares not for your treats or gifts.

13. This dog who can’t understand why you’d surprise him. He hates surprises.

14. The dog in the back who JUST isn’t having it.

15. This dog is is just too embarrassed to do anything about it.

16. This corgi who thought she told you she didn’t want a party…

17. This french bulldog who just wants to get it over with.

18. And finally this dog… who knows exactly how to enjoy a birthday. 🙂

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