How to Control Excessive Pug Fur Shedding

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Why do pugs shed hair?

This tiny breed is notorious for dog fur shedding quite heavily. However, there are many steps an owner can take to keep shedding under control. To answer the question: Do short hair dogs shed a lot of hair? The answer is a yes. The reason why pugs shed as much is because of a 3 step process that all canines’ hair go through Growth, Rest, and Fall out.
Pugs are double coated, and so there is twice the amount of fur than his single layered friends.
Some black Pugs have just one layer of fur. However, the rapid hair follicle cycle is still present and still leads to a heavy shed.
The level of shedding for pugs can be between moderate to severe obviously depending on the individual pug. Proper grooming techniques will help keep things a lot more manageable.

Fur coat shedding treatment.

It is true that a Pug coat fur shedding will take place more during and after a bath. This is a good thing just make sure that you are prepared for it. It is easier to control the shedding when you are aware when it will be at its worst. This happens because after a bath the cleansing agents in the shampoo break up natural body oil that was holding some of the dead hairs close together.
It is recommended that you to brush through the coat before a bath as well as brush right after the bath to remove any remaining loose hairs. Baths should be given every 3 weeks, unless the Pug’s coat become dirty from any outside activities.
Even if your Pug does not seem dirty, do not wait more than 4 weeks to give your pug a good scrub otherwise the issue of shedding will increase as all the fur will be trapped.
Each day there will be more of an excessive build-up of natural body oils that will cause dead hairs stuck in the coat to clump together. This can cause an issue of blocked air circulation and a more difficult time in trying to remove them.
Dry shedding hairs are much easier to remove than those that are damp and slick with oil.
Get down on our hands and knees and give your pug a good brush and wash that they deserve.

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