Efficient Ways To Stop Pug Excessive Licking

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Why Does My Pug Lick Everything?

Before training begins to stop your excessive pug licking, first find out whether it’s related to a health issue. Consulting a vet will help you find out. Pug excessive licking may be related to anxiety, nervousness or even a need for a bathroom break. Your dog can’t verbalize this outright, so you need to pay close attention to how they are when they lick. Make it a habit to learn how to read your dog’s subtle expressions before you start to discourage their habit. Paying close attention to your pug licking air or your pug licking paws.
Ways to Reduce Excessive Licking
Pug excessive licking may, in fact, be due to your work and other responsibilities that mean you leave your pug alone for long periods, and this may make him nervous and anxious. If it’s possible to go home to your pug sometime during the day or leave him with a neighbor or friend so that he is not alone. Find a way to let your pug exercise until they are tired. This will reduce their anxiety and ease your dog’s excessive licking of paws for an example, as they won’t feel the need to lick to calm, their anxiety.
Teach him a simple command: No Licking!
Training your pug not to lick is made easier when you learn to use the command of ‘No Licking.’ There are a few methods to stop this behavior, so find one what would work best for your pug. You can withdraw outward affection if the licking continues and add a verbal command such as “No lick!” to encourage good behavior. Give your pug a reward treats when he behaves correctly. Once the “no lick” command is learned, you can use it to stop your pug from licking floors, furniture, and other items.
Talk to your vet about excessive licking in dogs.
If all else fails from stopping a little dog from licking everything, then it’s time to visit your vet. Speak of your concerns and worries about your pug’s licking. Some licking cases will require medication to reduce the licking habit.
If your vet believes there are other possible licking causes, they can recommend other helpful tips.
However, if your pug is stubborn and doesn’t want to stop licking, seek the professional advice of a trainer to find alternative ways to stop the lick.
Your pug is fond of you, and he will express his love by licking. Pay attention to your pug’s licking to find out if he’s trying to tell you or if he’s just an overbearing pug. Once you know what your dog’s licks mean, you’ll have a better understanding of its needs. This should surely help reduce pug’s excessive licking.

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