Essentials About Best Diet For Pugs

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Dealing With Diet For A Healthy Pug’s Weight

A healthy Pug weight is directly influenced by the food he eats! To avoid that your pug becomes overweight, make sure that he gets the proper pug diet and nutrition.

Some people believe that the food a dog eats doesn’t really matter, but that is far from the truth. Pugs are prone to gaining a lot of weight. Even a pound of weight added to their small build is not healthy as it can affect their breathing.

How Often Should I Feed My Pug?

A healthy and happy pug needs the right food, at the right time, and in the right amount
It may seem that your dog could eat endlessly, but be cautious to provide only the recommended amount of nutrition for puppies as well as adults.

Free feeding is only recommended for a puppy that is under 3 months old. Free feeding is when an owner leaves food out for their dog and allows him or her to eat all throughout the day as the dog wishes. This should NOT be done for adults as it could lead to overweight pugs.
Eating outside of a set schedule will throw off any house training habits. It is best to train your puppy when he is hungry, but not starving. Also feeding him at regular intervals means that you can predict bathroom times to a great extent. Dogs that follow a daily routine for things such as: grooming, sleeping, eating are generally better behaved and easier to train.

How Much Food In A Pug’s Diet

Owners often hope to know exactly how much to feed their dog in a pug diet. However, to give an exact amount would not be helpful as the total calorie consumption for one day will vary depending on the age of the dog, his or her rate of metabolism rate and the dog’s activity level. The amount of food will vary greatly depending on what type of food is provided.

To plan for the best pug diet to see weight loss results, consult your vet to monitor your overweight pug so as to avoid any issues related to pug weight loss.
So, the best diet for pugs will be an agreement between the vet, your pug and yourself.

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