He May Be Blind, But This Pug Is Using A Special Sense To Change People’s Lives. He Will Melt Your Heart.

Xander is an adorable little pug who happens to be blind. What he lacks in sight, he makes up for with his huge heart.

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Xander had a rough start in life. He lost his eyes in an accident at age one, and at age two, he was dropped off at a shelter. It seemed like the pup couldn’t get a lucky break.

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But all that changed when a man named Rodney first spotted the friendly little dog.

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Where others saw a disability, Rodney saw something else in Xander. He knew that this pup had great things ahead, and it wasn’t long before Xander got a job as a therapy dog.

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One of his first days at work was spent with Rodney’s wife in the hospital. He cheered her up instantly!

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But for this sharp-dressed pup, that was only the beginning.

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Xander began to spend his days giving cuddles and kisses to victims of child and domestic abuse.

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He developed deep connections with everyone he worked with… especially the children.

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Most dogs have an ability to empathise with those around them, but Xander seems to have a gift for sensing human emotions.

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Even though he can’t see them, Xander somehow senses when someone is feeling down, and he’ll run right over to give them some love.


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After their time with Xander, most people’s tears turn to huge, happy smiles.

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This precious little pug may not have eyes…

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…but it’s obvious that he can see into people’s hearts.

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Keep it up, Xander! The world needs more angels like you.

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Dogs truly have a gift for love that we humans may never understand.




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