Here Are The 28 Cutest Things That Have Ever Happened

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Warning: these pictures may result in loud squealing, warm fuzzy feelings and severe desire for cuddles.

There are moments, such as the ones you see below, when the Internet provides adorable cuteness that is simply just too sweet to handle. It is perfectly normal for you to fall into a wormhole of AWWWW and not be able to resurface (or do any of your work or chores) for hours.

1. When pugs decided they needed to have a talk with you about treats

2. When this farm cat would stop at nothing for cuddles

3. When this rat took a nap with his favorite stuffed puppy

4. When this cat didn’t know how to have a happy birthday

5. When this ball of wrinkles met his new best friend

6. When these partners in crime delighted over their cuteness

7. When kitty tried (and failed) to watch the the baby

8. When nap time just got too snuggly

9. When this cat tried to be a bear for Halloween

10. When this cat made a new friend

11. When this rabbit had an existensial crisis

12. When this guinea pig heard a really great secret

13. When these dogs realized there was another side of the fence

14. When this rat wanted to know how your day was

15. When this cat was REALLY ready to play

16. When this kitten discovered what water balloons were

17. When this cat had a cuddle buddy

18. When these cats “improved” their owner’s selfie

19. When sock cat realized just how adorable he was

20. When this dog went cruising with his master

21. When this Corgi puppy looked good enough to eat

22. When these puppies enjoyed visiting San Francisco

23. When this sloth fell and couldn’t get up

24. When these prairie dog lovers stole a kiss

25. When this bunny went shopping for the week

26. When these bunnies went on a joy ride

27. When this puppy took a long nap

28. When this baby sloth learned to snuggle

Cuteness overload. Must. See. More. CUTE.

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