These 17 Naughty Pugs Just Got Shamed By Their Owners. And The Result Is Hilarious. LOL!

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17 hilarious things Pug got shamed by their owners

Pug shaming is the latest hilarious thing on the internet. Or like Will Ferrell called it in that one Saturday Night Live sketch from back in the days when SNL was actually funny… “Dissing your dog – how to train your puppy with mockery and verbal humiliation” – (That SNL video) I don’t know if the pugs know they’re being shamed, but it seems like it.

Aww! How can anyone even stay mad at that face?

$1000 in vet bills later…and Bubba regrets nothing!

Can’t say a pug’s ass is what I was expecting at the end of a rainbow.

Wedge Antilles? Surely that is the single greatest dog name ever conceived!

Who here amongst us can say they haven’t done the same once or twice before?

Honestly little pug, your owner should have put her hand in front of her mouth when she yawns. Totally her fault, so you’re off the hook for that one!

Well, he shouldn’t have been in the passing lane.

Sounds like me at 3AM on a Friday night.

Good for you lil’ guy! Stick to your guns and don’t dress up as a darn cat for no one!

I’m Spartacus. NO, I’M SPARTACUS!

Well, faces are all heated and comfy, like car seats.

They say love is blind…but it isn’t anosmic.

Eww, here’s hoping you don’t live in Seattle Snarf. Lots of rainy days there.

This one deserves a shaming, blatant disregard for our traffic laws.

Oldest trick in the book, never fails.

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Easier than stealing its candy…

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