How To Trim a Pug Nails

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Clipping Dog’s Nails The Right Way

Pug hates that their little paws are touched. Ideally, Pug breeders should make sure their Pug’s dew claws are removed. Dew claws are found on the side of the paw. Only the front paws have the dew claws. The reason being since these are mostly indoor pets and the fact that these nails hang on the side then there might be a possibility of it hooking onto blankets, carpet, cushions etc….this may cause the nail to rip, bleed and cause pain and injury. They are also painful when a pug jumps in your lap as their dew claws scratch you.
Dog’s nails should ideally be kept short and blunt, especially for pugs as it keeps from their paws from widening when they walk.
If you have ever attempted to clip Pug’s nails, then you will know it is not an easy task and no fun. It is just about impossible to get them to stay still and it usually you would need one person to hold them down and another to do the clipping.
What Are The Best Dog Nail Trimming Tools
A good pair of dog nail clippers, a dog nail file and a bottle of quick stop bleeding powder would be needed to begin. I have read books that show a Pug getting his nails clipped, and it looks so angelic. I am here to say that it won’t be easy but persevere.
As any other grooming technique, it’s best to start nail trimming for pugs when they are young so that they get used to the process. It is vital to use these dog nail trimming tool correctly.
The advice given in the video is also helpful, especially for a submissive pug. Wrapping the pug helps to master him while the paws are being trimmed, making the procedure of using a dog nail trimmer more effective.
These tips are basic ways of how to trim pugs nails but will be helpful in accomplishing the task.

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