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The Box-A-Pug is a fun-loving attention-seeking dog inheriting the Pug’s cheerfulness and Boxer’s playful, energetic disposition. These companion pets are strongly protective of their family. They may not be an aggressive barker but vocalizes upon sensing any threat towards themselves or their kith and kin. Leaving them alone for prolonged periods is not recommended since these dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety.

Dog Profile

  • Other Names:Not recorded
  • Breed Registry Details:DBR, IDCR
  • Common Physical Features:Stocky and muscular built like the Boxer; short muzzle; prominent bulging Pug-like eyes; folded ears; curled up tail
  • History:
  • Coat Type:Short and smooth
  • Colors:Brown, brindle, black, silver, fawn
  • Lifespan:12 – 15 years
  • Size:Medium
  • Height:14 – 20 inches
  • Weight:20 – 25 pounds
  • Litter Size:4 – 5 puppies
  • Temperament:Loyal, playful, affectionate, active
  • Kids-Friendly:Yes
  • Stranger-friendly:Somewhat; display wariness at the beginning but gets friendly upon trusting the stranger
  • Animal-Friendly:Yes
  • Climate Compatibility:Moderate
  • Apartment-friendly:Yes
  • Care Level:Moderately high
  • Exercise Requirements:Moderately high; Walking: 40-50 minutes;  Jogging and Playing: 20 minutes
  • Grooming Needs:Moderately high
  • Coat Brushing:Regular; twice or thrice a week
  • Bathing:Occasional; once or twice a month
  • Eyes and Ears Cleaning:Regular; once a week
  • Brushing of Teeth:Regular; once a week
  • Nail Clipping:Occasional; once a month
  • Feeding:Adults: 2.5 – 3 cups dry dog food per day Puppies: ½ – 1 cup dry dog food per day
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Barking Capacity:Moderate; can often emit a growl like the Boxer to communicate with their owners
  • Trainability:Moderate
  • Common Health Problems:Bloating, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, brachycephalic syndrome
  • Origin:USA

The Box-A-Pug has the Boxer as one of its parents, who is often called the “class clown” because of his ability to entertain. So, this breed would undoubtedly live up to the reputation of its genes, compelling its family to burst into peals of laughter upon witnessing their cheery antics.

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