Pug Colors

The pug comes in several colors and patterns, with only a few recognized by major registries. The American Kennel Club acknowledges only black and fawn as the pug’s standard color. Anything beyond this doesn’t qualify for the show ring, though they can still be registered as alternate colors, especially shades like fawn, silver and even brindle. Other registries like the Canadian Kennel Club and Federation Cynologique Internationale recognize other exotic colors alongside black and fawn, like apricot, silver-fawn, and silver.

Fawn is the commonest seen in about 64% of the pug population, followed by black at 28%. The third popular color is apricot, seen in about 8% of the pugs, and then comes silver observed in approximately 2% of the dogs.

Albino and chinchilla pugs are not distinct color variations but a result of a genetic deformity.

Breed Registries Colors
AKC Black, Fawn
Canadian Kennel Club Black, Fawn, Silver-fawn
Kennel Club (UK) Black, Fawn, Silver, Apricot
Federation Cynologique Internationale Black, Fawn, Silver, Apricot

Standard Colors



Rare/Exotic Colors


Apricot Silver/ Silver fawn


Brindle Brown
Albino Panda
Merle Sable
Chinchilla White

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