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Black Pug

Black is one of the recognized colors of pugs as per the American Kennel Club’s breed standards. Other significant breed registries like the Kennel Club of UK and the Canadian Kennel Club have also acknowledged black as one of the primary coat colors of this breed.

The black color is an outcome of the dominant B gene, and if both parents carry this gene, then the resultant puppy would have a black coat. However, sometimes a black pug could also carry the S or fawn gene, and two S genes of parents could lead to a fawn puppy.

Despite being the standard color and emerging from the dominant B gene, black pugs aren’t as common as their fawn counterparts because many breeders desire to produce more fawns than black. As per surveys and reports conducted over time, only 22% of the pug population has black coats, while over 65% of them are fawn-colored.

One good thing about the black pugs is that they are low shedders since they have a single coat unlike the double-coated fawn pugs

Black Pug
Black Adult Pug
Full Grown Black Pug
Black Pug Puppies

Types of Black Pugs

All Black Pug

All Black
A purebred pug has a completely black body, sans markings of any other color but white, present in a negligible proportion.

Black and White Pug

Black and White
They have a small amount of white markings on their paws and chest in the form of patches, referred to as ‘mismark’.

Black and Tan Pug

Black and Tan Pug
The black pug, only comes in combination with white, though in the rarest of rare cases black and tan varieties might be spotted. They have a black body with tan markings near their ears, legs, chest, tail, and head. Tan patches are even seen in the area around their eyes.


Q. What is the difference between a black, and fawn pug?

The striking difference between the two varieties is their color. The black pugs are completely black with a bit of white, while the fawn ones have strips and spots on their back and forehead. They are also low shedders than the fawn dogs.

Q. How much do black pugs cost?

As they aren’t that popular or preferred, they don’t cost much too, coming for $500-$800. 

Q. Are black pugs small?

No, all pugs irrespective of their color are of the same size, though each could vary from the other by an inch or so.

Black Pug Picture
Black Pug Dog
Black Teacup Pug
Black Pug Face

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