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Apricot Pug

Another exotic color seen in only 4% of the pugs is apricot, that is an outcome of the recessive gene. The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize apricot as the pug’s standard coloration, but could register apricot as an alternate color. However, other notable breed registries like the Kennel Club of the UK, Federation Cynologique Internationale, and Canadian Kennel Club acknowledges the light and deep shades of apricot as the standard pug color. Sometimes apricot dogs are also passed off and registered as fawns due to the similarity in color pattern. 

Apricot Pug
Apricot Pug Picture
Apricot Pugs Photo

An apricot pug’s coat retains the cream color of the fawn pugs. However, it also has touches of light or deep orange undertones. Like other-colored pugs excepting the black ones, they too have the black melanistic mask surrounding the area around their muzzle and eyes. The apricot pugs even have black ears.

Full Grown Apricot Pug
Apricot Pug Dog
Apricot Pug Puppies

These unique dogs cost on the higher side, around $1500 -$2000, while those belonging to a higher lineage may come to $9000 on an average.

Types of Apricot Pugs

Apricot Fawn Pug

Apricot Fawn
The color would be somewhere between the creamy coat seen in the fawn pug and the orange undertones of the apricot dogs. In most cases, their back appears golden-yellow, while the white portion in the front has patches of cream.

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