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Albino Pug

The albino coat in pugs is not a color variation but a result of albinism that may occur in dogs, cats, other mammals, and even humans. Pugs carrying 2 copies of the recessive gene could suffer from this condition. They lack melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. Most pugs with this condition have a pinkish-white appearance.

Albino Pug
Albino Pug Picture
Albino Pug Image

They may look similar to the white pugs, though the main distinguishing factor is the color of the lips, nose, paws, and ears, all of which are pink and not black. Their eye color also appears different, being blue and not the typical brown shade seen in most pugs.

Albino Pug Dog
Albino Pug Puppy

Albino pugs cost a lot more than the estimated price of $1500-$6000 due to its rarity, coming for about $19,000. Besides the buying price, a lot might have to be invested in their maintenance, since these dogs are prone to several health problems like atopic dermatitis and neurological disorders. They may even get blind or deaf later on in life.

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