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Brown Pug

The brown color in a pug isn’t recognized by any major kennel clubs. Hence, brown pugs aren’t regarded as purebred pugs at all. Dogs get their brown color, alongside related shades like chocolate and liver, due to a B locus gene that could be dominant or recessive. The reason for brown or chocolate-colored pugs that are a rare phenomenon remains unknown It could have something related to its genes. However, in most cases, selective or crossbreeding could be one of the main reasons, as speculated.

Brown Pug
Brown Pug Dog
Brown Pug Puppy
Brown Pug Image

A brown pug is wholly brown, including its coat and even the color of its muzzle, region around its eyes, and nose.

Types of Brown Pugs

Chocolate Pug

Chocolate Brown
The chocolate pug has a degree deeper coat than the brown coloration. This color is as rare as the all-brown shade, hardly seen.

Brown and White Pug

Brown and White
This is another uncommon combination and is seen mainly in pied pugs. They mostly have an equal proportion of brown and white all over their body. The primary color is white with brown patches on their back, tail, face, muzzle, and ears.

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