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Panda Pug

As per the breed standards, the black pugs should have an all black body with minimal patches of white on their paws or chest termed as a mismark. However, the panda pug, is a deviation, with the pugs having a white coat teamed with markings of black mostly around the eyes, ears, and feet making them look like absolute pandas. The eye color is mostly brown, but sometimes either one or both eyes might appear blue. This isn’t a regular pug color, and none of the registries like the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club acknowledge the panda pug as a purebred pug.

Panda Pug
Panda Pug Puppy
Pug Panda
Panda Pug Picture

Breeders often attempt to label them as exotic, selling these black-and-white coated dogs for a much higher price, than the standard cost fixed for the pugs. The average cost for panda pugs could range around $1500, or much more.

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