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Merle Pug

Merle pugs are not purebred since these dogs lack the dominant M-Locus gene required to produce the merle coloration. In most cases, it has been speculated that merle Chihuahuas were introduced into the breeding process to bring in this coat pattern.

Merle pugs have a mottled appearance achieved by irregular dark patches that vary in color from blue to bluish-gray to black or even black and white. Instead of the typical brown eye color seen in most pugs, either one or both of their eyes could appear blue in the merle varieties. They are not recognized by major breed registries like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Kennel Club (UK).

Merle Pug
Merle Pug Puppies
Merle Pug Picture
Merle Pug Image

The resultant puppies would also possess the merle coat when both dogs have the merle gene. However, if one merle and one non-merle dog is bred together; there might be about a 25% chance of a merle pug being born.

The merle pugs aren’t that common, costing between $1000 and $2000.

Types of Merle Pugs

Blue Merle Pug

Blue Merle Pug
They have bluish or bluish-gray patches running throughout their body.

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