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White Pug

White pugs are the extremely rare variant of this breed not regarded as a standard coloration. None of the prominent breed clubs like the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, or Federation Cynologique Internationale recognizes white as the pug’s traditional color.

White Pug
Pictures of White Pug
White Teacup Pug
Full Grown White Pug

There has been several controversies regarding the pug’s white color since these dogs have been said to be an outcome of selective breeding, often crossed with the Frenchie or Pekingese. White pugs aren’t the same as the albino ones, and they have black markings on their eyes, noses, and lips absent in the latter.

White pugs aren’t cheap, perhaps because of their rarity, costing $1500-$6000.

White Pug Dog
Images of White Pug
Baby White Pug
All White Pug

Marshmallow is one popular white pug that eventually became an internet sensation, bringing these white dogs into notice.

White Marshmallow Pug Video

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