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Brindle Pug

Brindle is not a standard pug color but a rare and exotic variation indeed, forming just 1-2% of the entire pug population. A brindle-colored pug would have a light brown coat with markings of black.

Full Grown Brindle Pugs
Brindle Pug Dog
Brindle Male Pug

Brindle is a recessive gene rarely seen in pugs. Hence, as per speculations, most brindle-colored pugs aren’t considered purebred. Resultantly, the AKC and other prominent breed clubs don’t enlist the brindle breeds as purebred pug.  

Brindle Pug
Pictures of Brindle Pug
Images of Brindle Pug

The price of the puppies ranges between $800-$2000, while the upper range could rise a little in case the dog has attained the brindle color genetically and not by selective breeding.

Types of Brindle Pugs

Reverse Brindle Pug

Reverse Brindle Pug
It is precisely the reverse of the brindle pug, having a darker appearance – a combination of a black coat with markings of light brown.

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