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Cocker Pug

Cocker Pug

The Cocker Pug is a Pug and English or American Cocker Spaniel cross. These loyal dogs cherish being cuddled and patted by their loved ones always. They would not fail to astonish you with their clownish antics. At the same time, their mischievous traits would keep you on the run always. Just give them your company and time, and they would eventually develop as perfect house pets.

Dog Profile

  • Other Names:Pugger Spaniel, Pucker
  • Breed Registry Details:ACHC, IDCR, DDKC, DBR, DRA
  • Common Physical Features:Lean but muscular built; short muzzle; somewhat flattened face, though a little more elongated than the Pug; snub nose; hanging ears; long, and straight legs like the Cocker Spaniel; curly tail
  • History:N/A
  • Coat Type:Medium or long with a smooth or wavy texture
  • Colors:Fawn, black, white
  • Lifespan:10 – 13 years
  • Size:Medium
  • Height:12 – 18 inches
  • Weight:18 – 35 pounds
  • Litter Size:4 – 5 puppies
  • Temperament:Affectionate, adaptable, intelligent, friendly
  • Kids-Friendly:Yes
  • Stranger-friendly:Yes
  • Animal-Friendly:Somewhat; gets along well with other dogs, especially if socialized, but may chase cats if they acquire the Cocker Spaniel’s hunting instincts
  • Climate Compatibility:Moderate
  • Apartment-friendly:Yes
  • Care Level:Moderate
  • Exercise Requirements:Moderate; Walking: 30 minutes; Playing: 15 minutes
  • Grooming Needs:Moderate
  • Coat Brushing:Regular; twice or thrice a week; the long-coated once also need trimming every six weeks
  • Bathing:Occasional; once a month
  • Eyes and Ears Cleaning:Regular; once a week, as their ears are prone to infection
  • Brushing of Teeth:Regular; once a week
  • Nail Clipping:Regular; once a month
  • Feeding:Adults: 2.5 cups dry dog food per day

    Puppies: 1 cup dry dog food per day
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Barking Capacity:Moderately high; especially if on the Cocker Spaniel’s side  
  • Trainability:Moderate; they could be strong-willed and at times get distracted easily
  • Common Health Problems:Canine hip dysplasia, ear infections, cataracts, hypothyroidism, progress retinal atrophy dermatitis, entropion, patellar luxation, pug dog encephalitis
  • Origin:USA

If you are on the lookout for a kid-friendly companion pet with minimum activity needs, you know what to choose. Pardon their noisiness and clingy nature, and you are sure to have a blast with your Corgi Pug.

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