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The Puginese spells elegance and grace since it is an outcome of two prominent Chinese breeds that gained immense popularity among the royals. These small and loyal dogs make for a perfect companion, mostly for kids and seniors.

Though loyal, these dogs seem opinionated and a little stubborn like their Pekingese parents.  They also tend to get nervous quickly and do not fit well into noisy homes. Obedience and socialization training is needed at the onset to help develop their personality in a better way.

Dog Profile

  • Other Names:Pugapeke, Pekeapug, Peke-a-Pug, Pug-A-Peke
  • Breed Registry Details:ACHC, DRA, DBR, IDCR, DDKC
  • Common Physical Features:Short and well-muscled body; squashed face; round eyes; hanging ears; curled tail
  • History:N/A
  • Coat Type:Smooth, short and glossy like the Pug; or a double coat like the Pekingese, long and coarse topcoat and soft and thick undercoat 
  • Colors:Brown, cream, brindle, black, gray
  • Lifespan:12 – 14 years
  • Size:Small
  • Height:6 – 14 inches
  • Weight:7 – 18 pounds
  • Litter Size:3 – 5 puppies
  • Temperament:Cheerful, playful, friendly, affectionate, loyal
  • Kids-Friendly:Yes; though they prefer to be around kids who handle them gently 
  • Stranger-friendly:No; they have the Pekingese-like aloofness and warn their owner on spotting any unfamiliar face near their household 
  • Animal-Friendly:Yes
  • Climate Compatibility:Moderate; cannot withstand extreme heat or cold
  • Apartment-friendly:Yes
  • Care Level:Moderate
  • Exercise Requirements:Moderate; Walking: 30 – 40 minutes; Playing: 10 -15 minutes
  • Grooming Needs:Moderate
  • Coat Brushing:Regular; Thrice or four times a week
  • Bathing:Occasional; once a month
  • Eyes and Ears Cleaning:Regular; once a week
  • Brushing of Teeth:Regular; daily, as they have an underbite like the Pekingese, making them more prone to dental infection
  • Nail Clipping:Occasional; once or twice a month
  • Feeding:Adults: 1.5 – 2 cups dry dog food per day

    Puppies: 1/4th – ½ cup dry dog food per day
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Barking Capacity:High
  • Trainability:Moderate; since they are not too intelligent and even stubborn, requiring an experienced trainer
  • Common Health Problems:Diabetes, luxating patella, epilepsy, intervertebral disk disease, allergies, cleft palate, hip dysplasia
  • Origin:USA

Who is the Puginese Good For

  • Experienced owners who can handle their stubbornness tactfully.
  • Those living in less noisy areas. Nuclear families would be better than homes with many people since these dogs could get overwhelmed with too much congestion.
  • People desiring an alert watchdog that would be loud and prompt in alerting owners of any impending danger.
  • Owners who would not have trouble handling a noisy dog who not just barks for every unusual thing but even snores.

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