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Are Pugs Aggressive

NO pugs are not aggressive by nature as they were initially bred to be lap and companion dogs. However, lack of socialization and obedience training since their puppy days could trigger aggressive tendencies like growling, nipping, and barking, especially in a bid to protect their domain. Some common reasons that could make a pug aggressive are explained as follows:

  • Food aggression: This is more or less seen in all dogs. Considering the pug’s fondness for food, they could turn aggressive upon not getting their favorite goodie, especially if not socialized or trained on obedience. More than being possessive about the edible, they tend to guard it as they believe that resources are limited and may get over soon. They could growl seeing someone touching their favorite food or snap or finally bite to safeguard their food.
  • Pain or injury: Sudden bouts of aggression can result from a feeling of pain or discomfort or even an injury they have attained from playing.

Introducing them to new and varied experiences and different types of people since the start would help them eventually distinguish a friend from a foe, a threat from a pleasant situation.  If you have multiple pets, bring them up along with your pug, so that it learns to coexist peacefully. Also, since its puppy days make him interact with other dogs similar in size or even bigger or smaller than him. In this way, the sight of a stranger dog would not trigger aggression.

Besides this, train your pug on commands, mainly ‘NO’, and ‘STOP’ to discipline him.

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