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Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome

NO, pugs are not known to have Down Syndrome, common in humans, as they have a different chromosomal arrangement of 39 pairs, as opposed to 23 pairs of the latter. Their flat face and short snout that could seem slightly different from most other breeds result from their brachycephalic features.

Moreover, this particular condition is not yet described in dogs, perhaps because they have not been tested genetically for it. Infact, breeds with such conditions die early, even before being treated for the same.

Some conditions present from birth, like congenital hypothyroidism are clinically similar to Down syndrome, sharing symptoms like slow growth, cognitive delay, poor vision and hearing, and improper muscle tone. Congenital hydrocephalus (excess fluid buildup), pituitary dwarfism, and portosystemic shunt also have down syndrome-like symptoms

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