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Can Pugs Fly On Planes

Pugs can fly on planes but not on the cargo since their flat face, and short snout would make it difficult to adjust to the hot air and high temperatures inside. Over the years, there have been several accidents of dogs flying in cargo, of which half of them were the flat-faced dog breeds like pug, Frenchie, and English bulldog. Not all airlines allow brachycephalic breeds to fly in cabins, though some do, like Aegean Airlines, Air Transat, Air Baltic, Transavia, and Copa Airlines.

If your pug is socialized and can adjust well with people and new places, consider taking them along with you on a flight. Before the journey, take him for a health check-up and ensure he has no breathing issues or other recurring problems. In case they get stressed or nervous quickly to changes or are a little obese, consider putting off the plan for the time being.

Tips for Flying With Your Pug

  • Open the air vent above your seat and set it in a way that it directly points towards your pug. This would help in proper breathing.
  • If putting him in a pet carrier, make sure you go for ones with an opening on top for the pug to poke its head out during the journey.
  • Keep a zip lock bag handy and ask for some ice from the flight attendant to fill into it if you need to cool your pug.
  • Tire him as much as possible right before the journey so that he exhausts himself and sleeps throughout the flight.
  • Keep track of the oxygen masks in the flight, as you might need it if your dog feels claustrophobic or suffocated.
  • Carry a blanket to comfort your pug if it gets too cold. However, do not use it to wrap the zip lock bag he is in; else, you could end up suffocating your dog.

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