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How to Clean A Pug’s Wrinkles

A pug’s wrinkles add to its cuteness, but it is also a hub of infections due to the dirt that might accumulate in the skin folds, needing proper cleaning from time to time.

Ensure to take proper care of its wrinkles and clean it at least thrice a day, perhaps after every meal, for which you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a method to clean: You could use a soft, moist cloth or even unscented facial wipes for the purpose. Avoid using wipes containing alcohol or other strong ingredients.
  2. Clean gently: Pull apart the folds of your pug’s skin gently and clean softly within each wrinkle. Rough handling could irritate their eyes lying close to the folds and even cause redness to the skin.
  3. Check out for any irritation and redness: While cleaning the skinfolds, check for any irritation or redness in the skin. Avoid further cleaning and get your pug checked first if you come across any scars or scabs.
  4. Dry their folds well: Take an absorbent cloth or tissue paper to dry them well after cleaning with water and wipes. Dampness in the skin may result in bacterial infections.

Signs of a wrinkle infection include musty odor, inflamed skin, white discharge, and itching. Do contact a veterinarian in case you find any of these symptoms in the skin folds of your pug.

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