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Why Do Pugs Snore So Loud

Pugs being brachycephalic breeds with a flat face, short nose, and short skull, find it difficult to breathe through their nasal passage because of obstructed airways. So snoring is a normal phenomenon seen in the majority of the pug population. Besides this, there are several other reasons behind a pug snoring heavily, mentioned as follows:

  • Incorrect sleeping posture – When it sleeps on its back, the airways are blocked by the flesh present behind its throat, causing it to snore aloud.
  • Nasal blockage – Sometimes, during play, the pug often ends up chewing smaller objects like stones, sticks, grasses, and leaves that get stuck in their throat and nose. This triggers nasal blockage, and in turn, aggravates snoring.
  • Allergic reactions – An allergic reaction caused by pollen, dust, or dirt affects the nose, leading to snoring.
  • The age factor Older dogs snore more than their younger counterparts.
  • Side effects of medicine – Certain drugs like antihistamines, muscle relaxants, and pain killers cause the soft palate to vibrate more after drying out the nose.
  • Obesity – Excessive weight gain obstructs breathing, causing an obese pug to snore heavily.

If the snoring is accompanied by other symptoms like breathing difficulties, excessive weight loss, increased lethargy, and blue gums, consult a veterinarian immediately. A crackling or vibrating sound in the snoring is also a cause for concern.

Of the certain remedies taken to control a pug from snoring, some include i) giving them a pillow so that they have their head raised when sleeping ii) providing them a round bed so that they can curl to sleep instead of lying on their back iii) keeping the room airy and well ventilated as a hot, stuffy room increases snoring iv) monitoring allergies closely and eliminating the triggers.

Video of A Pug Snoring Aloud

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