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Why Do Pugs Have Short Snouts

Retro Long Snout Pug

The flat faces and short snouts, one of the defining characters of a pug, result from selective breeding over the years. As seen in paintings and artifacts of the 18th and 19th centuries, the traditional pug had a longer snout than its modern counterparts.

The shorter snout has made them appear increasingly cute, but at the same time, triggered several health problems; respiratory distress is one of them.

As per myths, the pugs were bred to hunt lions, and their short snout helped them have a firmer grip over their prey.

Pug With a Long Snout

Retro, a Pug–Jack Russell Terrier cross, is unique because of its long snout, just like its terrier parent. Hence, it is less susceptible to breathing difficulties and other health issues most brachycephalic breeds face. German breeders responsible for developing Retro initiated the same to create a cross that resembled the pug in appearance but had minimum health problems.

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