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Are Pugs Easy To Train

No, Pugs are not easy to train, mainly due to their stubbornness, which makes them independent-minded.

They have a low concentration level, get distracted easily, and are bored too in repeatedly doing a single task or learning a particular command for long.

Their low trainability level does not give them a high ranking in most intelligence meters. In one of his intelligence trials, Stanley Coren placed the Pug in the 108th position out of the 136 dogs that participated in the test.

Studies show that they grasp a new command after about 40 to 50 repetitions compared to intelligent breeds like the Poodle or Labrador Retriever that need just 5 or 6 repetitions to learn it.

They have even shown a low success rate in memorizing and performing a known command, getting it right at first go only 30% of the time.

The good thing about them is their curious and observant nature that can be well channelized through a firm, but tactful training teamed with positive reinforcements through treats and praises.

Starting obedience training in the form of commands, alongside potty training since they are puppies, would undoubtedly help in the long run.

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