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Are Pugs Good with Cats

Do Pugs Get Along with Cats

YES, Pugs get along well with cats since they were bred as companion animals from the start and not as a working dogs to hunt down smaller animals. The sight of a cat doesn’t trigger their chasing instinct, nor do they perceive the latter as a threat.  

They even replicate the cat closely in size, with females as big as a large house cat and the males following suit. Their sleeping patterns are also similar, about 15 hours a day. Hence, it is not quite uncommon to see a pug and a cut snuggling and cuddling to sleep together.

Having said this, not always would there be peace with a pug and a cat living together. True, they bond the best over sleep. Still, cats often become their territorial self when sharing their belongings or even master’s love.

The pug’s docile nature and clingy attitude could backfire if you have an aggressive and dominant kitty, always keen to establish its presence. Avoid leaving them alone unsupervised, as they could get on each other when at play or even during feeding. The cat may often end up scratching or hitting the pug while trying to safeguard its domain.

Start socialization training as early as possible. Both of them enjoy games involving problem-solving, with a reward at the end of the task. Parents could perhaps channelize this mutual liking well for a peaceful living.

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