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Are Pugs Good With Kids

Pugs have the reputation of being excellent family dogs. When it comes to kids, they excel as loving and affectionate companions, enjoying all the love and cuddles showered on them, just as their flat-faced cousins, Frenchies, and Boston Terrier.

They are safe for children because of their inability to deliver a strong bite due to their flat faces and blunt muzzle. These dogs rank above many in displaying gentle, calm, and patient behavior.

The Pugs don’t have the habit of getting yappy or nip if disturbed or even handled a little roughly by boisterous kids. Their low barking tendency makes them ideal for homes with newborns and toddlers. 

They are great entertainers keeping the little ones hooked to their humorous antiques. However, most of them spend half of the day sleeping and lazing around, not being apt for those desiring an enthusiastic playmate that would run around or retrieve a ball with immense enthusiasm.

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