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Are Pugs Prone to Seizures

Yes, pugs are prone to a seizure, which is one of the primary symptoms of pug dog encephalitis (PDE), mostly affecting young or middle-aged pugs. In PDE, the episodes could progress slowly or rapidly. For slowly progressing seizures, the attack could recur in a few days or even weeks. The pug gets back to normalcy after the attack. While, in the case of rapidly progressing seizures, the occurrences are more frequent, often leading to complete disorientation, depression, and an inability to walk.

Other reasons for seizures common in other dog breeds too other than the pug, include epileptic fit, exposure to toxic chemicals, or even a brain tumor. Increased exposure to heat may also lead to attacks, followed by a stroke.

What Does a Pug Seizure Look Like

Before a seizure attack, the pug could display a wide array of symptoms like excessive lethargy, inability to walk due to uncoordinated muscle movements, or even spinning around in circles. If you notice such abnormal behavior in your pug, don’t delay taking it to a veterinarian. 

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