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Are Pugs Smart

Pugs are placed below average in intelligence, ranking 108th of the 136 dogs in Stanley Coren’s Dog Intelligence List. Contrary to the numbers, they are, in actuality, smarter than what one perceives them to be. These dogs are high on adaptability, i.e., they respond and act according to the change in their surroundings quite well, making them great companions. Moreover, they are observant and curious about all that is going around, often figuring out their way to get something they want, like a treat hidden in the cupboard or something else.

The Pugs lag in training with assessments showing that it takes time to learn and understand a new command, acquiring it perhaps after 40-50 repetitions, unlike the more intelligent breeds like Labrador Retriever that learn it in just 5-6 repetitions, or even less than that. A Poodle, a Golden Retriever, or a Labrador will follow a known command right away 95% of the time, while the Pug’s success rate is not more than 30%. One of the reasons cited by many for their low obedience rate is perhaps the Pug’s stubbornness that makes it reluctant and independent-minded at times, unwilling to follow commands. 

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