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Can Pugs Sleep Outside

Pugs do best indoors, so it is not recommended to keep it outdoors for long, and making it sleep outside is entirely out of the question.

These brachycephalic dogs with a flat face and short muzzle have narrow air passages, making it difficult to release heat or cool hot air. So, if kept out for long, mainly in summer, they are likely to run out of breath and get exhausted, having chances of getting a stroke in extreme cases.

They are equally uncomfortable in thriving in cold temperatures and could fall sick under such circumstances.

These dogs get affected by allergens like pollens, grasses, trees, fleas, and dust mites. Their skin is extremely sensitive, leading to itching, irritation, and other allergic reactions. Inhaling the pollen or any other allergens could trigger reverse sneezing aggravating respiratory distress.

Many often consider their pets a menace indoors, preferring to make a dwelling place for them outdoors. Yet, remember that this could be dangerous for your pug.

Give it proper training so that it does not mess around the entire house and eliminates only at the spot designated for the purpose. Pugs appear stubborn at times but love their master to the core, so to stay near their parents; they would for sure do all that you tell them.

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