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Can Pugs Swim

The love for water in Pugs is divided; some are highly fond of it, while a few may not show much eagerness. Irrespective of their love for the water, all pugs can swim or rather at least paddle instinctively. Having said this, one could certainly not expect them to be adept swimmers like the Irish Water Spaniel or Portuguese Water Dog.

Why Can’t Pugs Swim

Pugs, just as their other flat-faced cousins, the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog, can’t swim well due to their smashed face and short snout, making breathing difficult. To inhale, they would have to tilt their head upward, which makes it challenging to remain afloat for long. Another barrier is their barrel-shaped body and short, stubby legs, which need them to exert more while swimming, making it a tedious task. However, all short-legged dogs are not bad swimmers, though the Corgi being an example. Despite the short legs, its powerful thighs help propel the water with ease that does not happen for the Pug.

Video of  Pugs Swimming 

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