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Do Pugs Bite

Pugs do not belong to the group of ‘biters’, since they have a gentle and good-natured disposition. The shape of their mouth, i.e., the blunt muzzle and flat face, is such that even if they bite at times, it would not be dangerous or painful. Puppies mostly bite during teething to get some relief from the discomfort and stress they face then. In fact, during this time, they could chew or bite anything that comes their way, from your shoes to an electrical cord. Give your puppies safe-to-chew toys; cooling them by placing the toys in the fridge would give added relief.

The pups mostly tend to run around during play, nipping out of excitement. This behavior continues even during adulthood if not trained well. Another reason could be fear or anxiety leading to biting simply as a reflex reaction. During such times, try soothing ad comforting your dog by maintaining a safe distance though. At the same time, try identifying the reason that has led to such behavior so that the next time you can eliminate the trigger to prevent such occurrences.

How to Stop Your Pug From Biting

Training your pug on obedience early,  mainly by teaching it commands like ‘stop’, or ‘no’ would help control its biting and nipping behavior.

  • Whenever you find your puppy biting their playmates, make a loud sound or utter a firm ‘No’ so that they stop it right away.
  • If your pup has bitten or nipped you, do not shout or react. Instead, alienate yourself; e.g., if both of you are on the floor, shift to the sofa and remain firm. Don’t communicate or make eye contact with him so that he eventually realizes his mistake and does not repeat it.

Giving positive reinforcements in the form of treats and praises each time it stops biting, would encourage your pup to overcome this behavior.

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