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Do Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out

Pug’s Eyes Falling Out

YES, the pugs along with other brachycephalic breeds such as Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, and Shih Tzu, have big bulging eyes and a shallow eye socket that makes them prone to proptosis.  In this condition, the eyeballs mostly pop out under the pressure of the eyelid, dangling from the socket, giving an impression as if the eyes are falling out. Not all pugs will have their eyes popping out. According to experts, older dogs suffer from this condition more than the younger ones. However, there is no research to confirm the same.

Causes of eye-popping

  • If the skin around their face has been pulled too hard during a grooming session
  • If the dog scratches the area around its eyes excessively
  • Due to a trauma caused by an accident like the dog getting hit with a ball or bumping into the kitchen wall during play

Under such circumstances, take them to the veterinarian at the earliest. Prompt treatment can save his eyes and help restore vision. Parents should never attempt to put back the eyes in place themselves.

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