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Do Pugs Shed

Yes, pugs shed a lot since they have a double coat- a dense, short undercoat and long outer coat. They lose hair throughout the year, though the shedding increases during spring and summer when they lose much of their winter coat. Black pugs with a single coat shed less than the double-coated fawn ones.

In fact, they are heavy shedders in comparison to other flat-faced similar-looking breeds like the French Bulldog or Boston Terrier, both having a single topcoat.

So, in a nutshell – Are the Pugs Hypoallergenic – the answer is a NO, therefore, not appropriate for individuals prone to dog allergies.

Brushing a pug regularly, at least thrice a week, and bathing it once a month with a vet-approved dog shampoo may help control the shedding.

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