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How Long are Pugs Pregnant

They have a gestation period between 58 and 68 days like most other dogs, with the majority of pugs remaining pregnant for about 63 days or nine weeks on average.

The time span varies from one pug to the other or one dog to another, depending on their overall health.

However, if your pug is pregnant for 67 days or even more, then take it to the veterinarian at the earliest.

Their entire pregnancy is divided into three halves, the early, middle, and final stages, each lasting for approximately 20 days.

How to identify if a Pug is pregnant 

In the initial stage, you might notice specific behavioral changes like excessive lethargy and the willingness to sleep most of the time.

They could even show a decrease in their appetite, sometimes skipping meals altogether. Some of the physical changes observed include enlarged nipples and abdomen.

If you know when your pug was bred, you could take her for a checkup on the 25th or 30th-day post that date for more accurate confirmation of pregnancy. 

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