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How Long Do Pugs Sleep

A Pug Sleeping

Pugs have a reputation for being lazy breeds, with a moderately known to sleep for 12-14 hours each day, including the naps he takes in between. The puppies (0-5 months) and seniors (above 9 years) sleep for longer, about 18-20 hours.

A dog’s sleeping habit depends on age, size, diet, activity level, and lifestyle. When the pug does not have too much to do throughout the day and is not exercised well, he is likely to cross that 14-hour benchmark and sleep longer. A low-quality diet and obesity are the other reasons behind increased sleep.

Take it out on a walk every day to keep it active and energetic. At home, engage him in some activity of the other whenever possible so that he does not get too much leisure time to be on his own. Also, ensure it is getting the right kind of diet. An obese pug has a high probability of suffering from sleep apnea, affecting breathing and interrupting their night’s sleep.

If you find a sudden change in your dog’s sleep pattern or if it is being over lethargic and sleeping for most of the day, then do get in touch with a veterinarian.

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