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How Many Teeth Do Pugs Have

A Pugs Bottom Teeth

An adult pug has 42 teeth in total that grow by the time they are  8-9 months of age, though it could be slightly earlier in a few or a little late in some.

The teeth structure of a pug could look a little weird and overcrowded in the manner they have been arranged. In fact, too many teeth seem to cram together inside their compressed jawbone, a common concern in most brachycephalic breeds, triggering plaque buildup.

Brushing their teeth three or four times a week with a vet-approved toothpaste and regular dental checkup is needed. Lest, it may result in gingivitis, gum diseases, and other dental issues, and in extreme cases cause the teeth to fall out.

A Pug Puppy’s Teething Phase

At birth: No teeth at all

2-4 weeks: Teething begins, and first set of milk teeth develop

5-8 weeks: All 28 temporary teeth develop

12 – 18 weeks: The teething process commences for the second time when baby teeth start falling and adult teeth begin growing

6 -8 months: Most of the baby teeth have gone

9 months: All 42 teeth develop

Some of the common signs of teething in pug puppies include blood stains on their chew toys, increased chewing and drooling, and sore gums. You might even spot one of those tiny milk teeth lying on the floor or near your pug’s bedding. Of the several measures to relief him when teething one include giving frozen treat or toys to soothe his gums.

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