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How Much Do Pugs Cost

The Pug, ranking 29th according to the AKC’s Most Popular Breeds, is indeed one of the most desirable dogs preferred in majority homes, all because of its charming, entertaining temperament. They, however, come with a high price tag that varies from $1200-$2500, especially if it is purebred with a high lineage, while some could even cost $1000, or a little less.

Teacup pugs downsized to achieve that cuddly look, weigh between 2 and 4 pounds, costing between $300 and $4000 plus the high maintenance mostly because of increased health issues they are likely to face.

Average Price of a Pug In a Nutshell

Multiple aspects become the deciding factor for a pug’s cost, like its bloodline, overall health, breeder reputation, and age.

Black and fawn are the two AKC-recognized colors for Pugs, of which the less-preferred black ones come for a lower price. The fawn-colored dogs varying from light cream to deep apricot are more in demand. The exotic ones, in brindle, merle, chocolate, and blue, are rare to find and therefore costlier.

Average Cost of a Pug  $1500 – 2500
Black Pug$500 – $1000
Fawn Pug$1500 – $2000
White Pug$500 – 2000 (on the lesser side if it is a product of cross-breeding, high maintenance cost is involved if the color is a result of albinism)
Teacup Pug$300 – $4000
Baby Pug (Puppies)$600 – $100; Show Quality : $1000 -$1500
Show Pug$4000
Adopting a Pug$150 – 500 (high for puppies and low for seniors)

Average Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a pug is as costly as buying them. A lot often goes into taking care of their health since these dogs suffer from breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, and eye problems, also known to go through complications during pregnancy. Other costs involved include food, vaccine, pet insurance, training, and so on.

Veterinarian Cost: $50 per visit, totaling to $200 annually (including 2 routine visits and 2 visits for the regular ear and urinary infections they are prone to)

Routine Vaccinations and Heartworm Testing: $30 -$50 per visit, equals to $120 – $200 (for 4 visits)

Emergency Charges (at least one): $700 – $1000 (including office charges, x-rays, blood tests, medicines, and admission if needed)

Grooming: $35 -$40 per salon visit (cost could increase based on the age and hair length of the Pug); $400 -500 (yearly) for buying basic grooming amenities like tooth-brushing kit, clippers, brush, and shampoo

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