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How Much Should a Pug Eat

Most pugs have an immense liking towards food, with some going to the extent of begging to get that desired treat from their master’s plate. Their cute eyes and helpless face might convince you to feed them out of your plate too often. Yet you need to keep a watch on their overall diet since these dogs tend are prone to obesity.

Give him measured food only at certain times of the day mostly morning, afternoon, and evening. Ensure that they do not keep nibbling throughout the day.

At 8-12 weeks, a puppy needs 1/4th to ½ cup food three to four times a day. At 3 – 6 months, the amount is between 1/4th – 1/3rd cups thrice a day. When they reach 8 – 12 months of age, feed them 1/3rd – 1/2 cup food twice a day. Pugs older than 12 months require ½ cup of high-quality food once or twice.

The quantity of food you give your pug mainly as he grows older depends on his activity level and metabolism.

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