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How to Cool a Pug At Night

If it has been a hot summer day, the chances are that the nights could be equally warm. So, not just outdoors, it is essential to keep a pug cool at night too to sleep comfortably. 

  1. Cool the room temperature by turning on the air conditioner and setting the thermostat at 75 ° – 78 ° F. At the same time, turn on the fan to allow cold air from the air conditioner to spread throughout the room and cool it instantly.
  2. If you don’t have an air conditioner, keep the window open for fresh air to come in and simultaneously turn on the fan.
  3. Give your dog fresh and cool water in adequate amounts to keep him hydrated.
  4. On a hot day, make sure that you don’t let too much sunlight come into the room by closing the windows, alongside the curtains and blinds.
  5. Make them lie on a cool surface, and add a cooling mat or blanket to their bedding for comfort.

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