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What Were Pugs Bred For

Pugs have an ancient lineage, dating back to as early as 400 B.C., originating in China. They were mainly bred to serve as companion pets to the royal families of China, who regarded these dogs as one of their priciest possessions. The Pug was kept luxuriously in the Chinese courts, even protected and cared for by soldiers and servants. The wrinkled face we see at present was created on purpose since the wrinkles resembled the Chinese character for the word prince, and the breeders desired to highlight their royalty.

Its popularity eventually spread out of its native place to other parts of Asia. However, the Pug’s role as a companion dog remained constant. They were pets of Buddhist monks living in monasteries with them in Tibet. The Chinese settlers introduced the Pugs to Europe in the 16th century, where their royal legacy remains unchanged.

The present-day breed derives their bloodlines from the Pugs that came to the United States from China during the 1860s. They were a little different from the traditional ones with longer noses and legs, as seen in engravings and paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Due to selective breeding, the modern varieties have short legs and noses alongside a flat face. This accounts for their cuteness but triggers several health issues like breathing difficulty.

The Pug has come a long way, from the royal court to a commoner’s home, emerging as great companions because of their pleasant demeanor and fascinating sense of humor.

Were pugs bred to take down lions

Legend has it that pugs were bred for hunting lions, their short snouts helping them further to get an increased grip on the animal and bring it down. There is not much truth to this notion as lions are not indigenous to China, the Pug’s place of origin.

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