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When Do Pugs Calm Down

Pugs might physically be on the calmer side, lazing around throughout the day, but temperamentally they are not, all because of their curious and observant demeanor, making them increasingly restless at times. Pug puppies display increased hyperactivity, technically labeled as ‘frenetic random activity periods’ or zoomies, a common phenomenon in al dogs. During this time, they become frenetic, running about the house, spinning in circles, or jumping all around out of anxiousness or agony. Their eyes also widen out of anxiety. However, zoomies don’t last for more than a few minutes, so there isn’t anything to worry about. Most pug puppies calm down by the age of two, and the incidences of zoomies would reduce eventually but not go away completely.

An adult pug could also show such sudden bouts of excitement due to many reasons. The trigger could be the ringing of the doorbell or phone, a loud thunderous noise, and so on. Separation anxiety is another reason behind your pug’s weird behavior. If you have left them alone for long, the moment you return, they would show their delight by perhaps running about in a circular motion or breaking into a dance.

How to Calm Your Pug Down

  • Exercise him regularly for about 20 – 30 minutes each day. If you spend a significant part of the time outside, ensure that your pug adapts to independent play, for which creative toys and a designated play area would be a good option
  • Keep a daily routine that would include his nap times, feeding, and exercise schedule. Frequent alteration in his schedule could trigger anxiety.
  • Eliminate or reduce triggers that could lead to anxiety. If you have to go out too often, crate-train your pug so that he learns to be on his own for at least some time of the day.

Many owners have even chosen canine aromatherapy to relieve their pug of excess anxiety. The dog is mainly massaged with essential oils to get a relaxing feel. However, do consult the veterinarian before trying this on your pug. 

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