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When Do Pugs Stop Growing

Pug Growth Chart

Pugs grow to their full size in height and weight by the time they reach 9 months of age. The growth stops here for some, while the process may continue until their 1st birthday in a few. Besides measuring their weight and height and observing their overall body size, another way to determine their growth is to look at their paws. Big or oversized paws indicate that they are still growing, which finally gets smaller as they reach their full body size.

Teacup pugs, the downsized variation of a standard pug, grows to 2-4 pounds in weight and about 6 inches in height.

How big do they grow

As per the American Kennel Club’s breed standards, the pug grows to 14-18 pounds in weight and 10 – 13 inches in height.

Note: Some pugs may exceed the 18 pounds benchmark and acquire a weight of about 22 pounds, which is fine. However, anything beyond that need’s a vet’s consultation since they are prone to obesity.

Pugs Growth Chart (6-12 months)

Age (in months)Weight (in lbs)
67 – 12 lbs
79 – 12 lbs
811 – 14 lbs
914 – 18 lbs
1014 – 18 lbs
1114 – 18 lbs
1214 – 18 lbs (10 – 13 inches – height)

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