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Why Do Pugs Snort

If you have a pug at home, you will be pretty accustomed to their noisy behavior in the form of snoring or snorting even when they aren’t unwell. The main reason for this is their brachycephalic features – flat face, short skull, and nose. This leads to a blockage in their nasal passages, causing them to emit weird noise. However, there are certain specific causes behind a pug’s snorting:

  • Reverse sneezing: The pug has trouble breathing, stretching out its neck, and making loud gasping sounds. You might even see your dog’s eyes bulging and chest expanding as he tries to take in air. It may appear as if he is inhaling the sneezing and choked in the process. Allergic reactions, over-excitement during play, or eating and drinking too fast might result in reverse sneezing. Massage his throat gently or even press his nostrils with your thumb so that he may swallow the irritant causing trouble. Constant bouts of reverse sneezing need a vet’s consultation as it signals an underlying medical condition.
  • Overheating: When the dog gets exposed to too much heat, it gets difficult to cool the hot air or even release the heat due to the small air passages. This triggers breathing difficulties, and the pug often snorts as he is grasping for air. 
  • Increased weight: Overweight pugs often face breathing distress because of upper airway obstruction that leads to frequent snorting.

How to Control Your Pug From Snorting

Though you might not be able to eliminate snorting altogether, you could take measures to lessen the incidences.

  • Keep a check on its diet and measure its weight on a routine basis
  • Try to identify the food items or things that your dog is allergic to, and eliminate the triggers
  • Avoid taking them out when the temperature is soaring
  • Choose harness to collars when taking them out, as the latter could put pressure on their neck, leading to discomfort

If your dog has trouble breathing always or breathes with its mouth open, then consult a vet at the earliest.

A Pug Snorting

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