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How to Take Care of a Pug In Summer

Pugs cannot tolerate intense heat, mainly due to their short nose and flat face that deprive them of regulating body temperature. Hence, parents need to take special care of their pugs during the hot weather to make sure they feel comfortable enough and do not fall sick. Below are specific tips one could follow in summer while caring for their pet.

  • Keep them hydrated by providing adequate amount of water proportionate to its body weight. A pug weighing 20 lb would need 10-20 ounces of water. If taking him out, carry an extra bottle; adding an ice cube would make it cooler and more refreshing.
  • Avoid taking them out on days when the weather is too hot, like above 90°F. In fact, keep them indoors as much as possible, preferably under an air conditioner or a high-speed fan.
  • Adjust their exercise schedule. If going for a walk, make it before 10 am or after 5 pm, when the weather is cool enough. Make them roam in shady places, away from the direct exposure of the sun. Also, ensure that they walk on the cool grass and not hot pavements, lest they could get a heat burn.
  • When at home, you could make your dog lie down on a cooling mat or even tie a bandana soaked in cold water around their neck for added relief. You may either purchase them or make the mat and bandana at home.
  • Let him soak in the water for a while, especially on days the temperature is soaring, and a makeshift clamshell pool may be ideal for the purpose. They don’t swim well, so make sure that the water level is low.
  • Before getting into the car with your dog cool it first. Never leave a pug alone in a hot car even if the windows are opened or the vehicle is parked in a shaded place.

If the pug displays symptoms of overheating, like excessive panting, vomiting, weakness, or diarrhea, try cooling its body temperature at the earliest and call for a vet.


Do black pugs heat quickly?

Yes black pugs heat at a quicker rate than their fawn counterparts as black absorbs heat well.

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